Oxygen Therapy Cambridge have partnered with the fantastic cancer charity ‘Something To Look Forward to’.

This charity offers people affected by cancer donated gifts and experiences including complimentary therapies. Oxygen Therapy Cambridge are pleased to donate a number of free Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions every month to people affected by cancer who could not otherwise afford to access this type of therapy. Our donations mean that we can support people in need during their cancer treatment and recovery.

“When my integrative health practitioner recommended hyperbaric oxygen treatment whilst undergoing chemotherapy, I was completely unaware there was even such a thing. I explored further and learned it was recommended by Macmillian, I found Oxygen Therapy Cambridge. The team were so helpful in guiding me through the process, so I knew what to expect before entering the chamber. 

I had a session most weeks through my chemotherapy and radiotherapy over 3 months. It was one of the key aspects that made the difference in getting me through the aggressive treatment of chemotherapy.

I could see through my fortnightly blood tests that my haemoglobin was getting lower with every chemotherapy treatment, and the regular HBOT sessions helped to keep my haemoglobin levels above the minimum threshold, which I was especially pleased about, as otherwise it would have meant a blood transfusion and delay to further treatments.

As well as being able to track its benefits through blood tests, I also could physically feel my fatigue lifting after a session, either immediately after or the next day. Cancerous cells thrive in low oxygen, acidic environments, so Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps reduce the growth of cancerous cells by maximising oxygen levels in your body, alkalising body tissue. 

I really hope that this becomes available to more people as an option to get through treatment for cancer.” Tamara

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